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The BWB Group is active in the Netherlands with the Alucol brand. At the Alucol plant in Neer, components up to an impressive length of 22 meters can be anodized. The anodizing plant also offers a wide range of colors, from Sandalor Gold and Colinal to the exclusive Alucol Grey. In addition to building facades, Alucol also anodizes industrial parts and ship masts, among many other things.

BWB-Alucol B.V.

Soerendonck 3
NL-6086 BW Neer

+31 475 26 02 00

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Electrolytic surface conversions

22000 x 1300 x 2000 mm

Pre- and after-treatments

Colour anodising architecture

7600 x 350 x 1500 mm

7600 x 350 x 1500 mm

7600 x 350 x 1500 mm

7600 x 350 x 1500 mm

Colour anodising industry

Chemical surface conversion


Liquid coating

Watch and jewellery making

Mechanical processing

Measuring and testing

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