SRF Media Center

Object: SRF Media Center, Fernsehstrasse 1-4, 8052 Zurich Leutschenbach
Client: Swiss Radio and Television (SRF), Zurich
Architecture: Penzel Valier, Zurich
Facade planning: Feroplan Engineering, Chur
Facade construction: Krapf AG, Engelburg
Completion: 2019
Pictures: Kuster Frey, Zurich

BWB procedure: Natural tone EV1

#Architecture #Natural clay #Zurich 

Ansprechperson Beitrag

Daniel Oertle

Division Manager Architecture


The façade of the SRF Media Center is characterized by a strict choice of materials: exposed concrete, glass and anodized aluminum. The design concept, in which the aluminum and concrete elements dispute each other’s positioning, loosens up the appearance. The resulting joints, butt joints and recesses give an indication of the type of construction of the components used.

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