Liquid coating

BWB Surface Technology paints workpieces made of aluminium, steel, wood and plastics to protect them from the effects of weather and corrosion and to give them a durable and high-quality surface. For the pretreatment of the components, BWB has, in addition to mechanical pretreatment, a variety of chemical and electrolytic processes that provide additional protection for the workpiece. BWB paint plants are certified as suppliers of the highest quality to leading manufacturers in the aviation, automotive, rail vehicle, mechanical engineering and architectural industries.

The advantages of liquid coating

Liquid coating applications offer high surface quality, a wide range of colours, long durability, weather and UV resistance, and good abrasion resistance. In addition, wet paint applications offer high flexibility when applied to different substrates and shapes, making them the ideal choice for a variety of applications in different industries.


Cleaning and degreasing

The substrate is decisive for the corrosion resistance, adhesion and quality of a coating layer. This must be pretreated accordingly and freed from grease, oils, release agents as well as dirt and corrosion layers. Depending on the material, this is done with rinsing, chemical degreasing and etching.

Mechanical pretreatment

In this step, corrosion products and impurities are removed mechanically. The companies of BWB Surface Technology have the equipment for grinding, sandblasting, bead blasting and compacting blasting.

Chemical pretreatments

Chemical pretreatments form conversion coatings, which serve as an optimum adhesion base for the paint and at the same time provide high corrosion protection. BWB's plants have a wide range of chemical and electrochemical pretreatments such as phosphating, chromating, chromic acid anodising, passivation and pre-anodising.


Liquid coating


BWB is a proven partner in the industry through market-specific certificates and quality management systems. BWB's range of paints and colours includes specialty paints, fluoropolymer paints and all shades of the RAL and NCS colour scale, as well as a colour system for architecture.




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