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Austrian sculptor Hans Kupelwieser creates a ceiling relief of red anodized aluminum for the high-profile Heidi Horten Collection in Vienna.

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Ansprechperson Beitrag

Pablo Stettler

Art Department


The ceiling relief consists of individual aluminum sheets, which the artist deformed with an excavator. The result is a sculpture of diffuse spatiality and depth. The deep red anodized surface covers the sculpture with delicate velvet. The aluminum sheet bows to the effect of material alienation. As if transformed into a textile, it gives the noble room additional glamor. With this installation, Kupelwieser continues the historic ceiling relief that runs through the entire building. He thus creates a visual link between history and the present.

Cover image: © kunst-dokumentation.com/Manuel Carreon Lopez, exhibition view OPEN, Heidi Horten Collection.

In the video, the artist himself talks about his work for the Heidi Horten Collection.

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