From person to person! User report from the Hermle company

BWB is a specialist in surface coatings. With mechanical processing in Stans, BWB-Betschart AG often also acts as a top crusher for its surface customers. For almost two years, a 5-axis machining center from Hermle, automated with an RS 2 robot system, has provided sufficient flexibility and capacity.

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Ansprechperson Beitrag

Thomas Furger

Manager Mechanical Processing


A special feature of the new system is the vacuum clamping system, which BWB ordered in addition to the hydraulic clamp – especially for customers from the aviation industry. Their components are optimized for maximum weight and thus have a particularly filigree and thin-walled design. “The risk of the vice deforming the parts during the first or, at the latest, the second clamping was too great for us here,” explains Thomas Furger.

For the first six months, it ran at "a very low level," as the CNC machining manager reveals. As of January 2021, utilization jumped to over 90 percent. "Without this machine, we would have had to cancel well over half of the orders at that time. In addition, we needed the high precision for many parts," emphasizes Thomas Furger and reports on workpieces that almost pushed even the high-performance machining center to its limits.

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