Europe-wide aviation competence

To ensure aviation safety, aircraft manufacturers depend on a reliable supply chain. Nadcap has established a global accreditation program that defines, audits and certifies industry-wide standards. BWB again passed the demanding certification in Switzerland, Germany and Romania with top marks and demonstrated the highest aviation competence.

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“Every day, around 250 orders are processed by Airbus suppliers and other customers such as Pilatus or Bombardier,” says Managing Director Eckehard Thuß, describing the activities at the BWB plant in Dresden.

Another challenge facing the aerospace industry is the switch to new, environmentally friendly processes. BWB now offers a sustainable alternative for cadmium coatings in the form of zinc-nickel coatings. With phosphorus-sulfuric acid anodization (PSA), BWB also provides a chrome-free coating process as an adhesion primer for bonding and bonding primer applications.


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