EMBRU Table and Bench Easy Aluminum

The award-winning outdoor furniture set "Easy Aluminium" consist of table and bench, which can be easily produced in different sizes thanks to the standard profiles used. The sophisticated system was designed and developed by Egli Studio from Lausanne.

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Aluminum garden furniture

The two designers Thibault Dussex and Yann Mathys produce sustainable design: The garden furniture “Easy Aluminium” can be completely disassembled, easily repaired and completely recycled in the sense of recyclability, including the anodized surface coating.

Outdoor-Möbelset Easy Aluminium von EMBRU, Bilder: Embru-Werke AG

The heart of the construction system is the CNC-milled connector that joins the aluminum profiles to form the table or bench. BWB OberflÀchentechnik supported the EMBRU development team in optimizing the prototypes, as well as in selecting the appropriate anodized surface.

EMBRU at the Milano Design Week

In the "House of Switzerland" at the Milano Design Week, the exhibition "Urgent Legacy" shows innovative and sustainable answers of the Swiss design scene to the pressing challenges of the present. Embru's award-winning "Easy Aluminium" outdoor furniture was selected from over 100 entries.

You can buy the garden furniture set in three sizes in the Embru webshop