Diplomawork ECAL "Color Bath" by Sven Odermatt

Sven Odermatt, a 25-year-old industrial design student at the renowned ECAL University of Art and Design in Lausanne, has created an impressive work called "Color bath" as part of his bachelor's thesis at BWB-Betschart AG in Stans. In this project he hand-colored 19 aluminum panels, consciously accepting the imperfections of the manual process to create unique and individual pieces.

Photos: Johanna Bommer

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Pablo Stettler

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The beauty of imperfection

What particularly distinguishes Sven Odermatt’s work is the way in which he not only tolerates imperfection, but also uses it as a creative element. He stages and amplifies controlled irregularities, which leads to a certain logic of color variations, streaks, and sequences.

Industrial individuality

The Designer sets the individual color design in conscious contrast to the industrially shaped furniture elements, which consist of 10 mm thick aluminum plates and have visible screw connections. This creates an interesting tension between manual work and industrial production, between one-offs and mass production.

Between art and design

It is impressive to see how Sven Odermatt explores the boundaries between art and design, individuality, and standardization in his diploma project "Color Bath". His work shows how craftsmanship and creative design can lead to a fascinating result.

Diplomarbeit «Color Bath» von Sven Odermatt

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