Artistic play of colors of flowing pigments

Color pigments flow into the aluminum and into each other: black into yellow, red into blue. BWB skillfully expands the possibilities of classic surface coating in the art sector. The usual precisely planned anodizing process is thereby interrupted before full-surface coloring. The liquid dyes are now applied manually with a brush, pipette and other aids according to your own imagination.

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Ansprechperson Beitrag

Pablo Stettler

Art Department


Like watercolors, the pigments penetrate the layer structure and leave behind a play of colors with amazing effects. Hot water finally seals the fine-pored surface and the pigments are deeply anchored in the aluminum. The so-called “sealing” locks the colors into the surface in a long-lasting and protective way.

Gallery: A new work is created with dark contrasts.
Pictures: BWB Surface Technology

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