Fresh color selection: Color Collection 02

There are many facades. But only a few whose outer shells combine functional effectiveness with brilliant aesthetics. With Color Collection 02, BWB Surface Technology presents its second selection of finely coordinated color shades that turn aluminum components into strong facade elements with radiance. Functional beauty, which is already visible from a distance and also delights in detail with precision and color brilliance.


Ansprechperson Beitrag

Daniel Oertle

Division Manager Architecture


Facades - the calling card of any building

Aluminum deserves a surface coating that enhances its natural character and preserves the beauty of the matte metal surface. As a specialist in surface treatments, BWB offers a wide range of high-quality material finishes and color variants. Thus, anodized surfaces from BWB make aluminum the ideal material for facades - the calling card of any building. With the Color Collection 02, there is now a new appealing color collection that combines selected BWB processes.

Powerfully elegant

From minimalist-looking beige, through warm bronze tones, to bold turquoise as a strong point of contrast: Color Collection 02 with its four shades from the Colinal®, Permabronze and Sandalor® palette embraces architectures and ensures appropriate recognition value. Powerfully elegant designs outside the common standard are created, which underline the possibilities of innovative facade design. The exclusive color shades can be combined with matching surface finishes: The sanded and brushed variants are recommended for noble metal structures in the visible area - attractive matte effects are achieved through multi-stage dipping processes.

Conceptual elements of current building culture

The coordinated color nuances of the Color Collection 02 are conceptual elements of current building culture that meet the desire for modern highlight moments. The BWB processes have been developed so that each surface finish forms a tough and corrosion resistant protective layer of aluminum oxide. The appealing selection thus provides scope for multifaceted facade design that preserves the natural aluminum character. And that for decades.

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