BWB heats Altenrhein village center

BWB-Altenrhein cools its anodising plants with Lake Constance water. Now the heated lake water is used to heat the neighboring residential quarter. Currently, 55 apartments are heated with waste heat from the anodising plant and the on-site heat pump. In a next step, the Altenrhein school building is to be connected to the "Anergienetz Altenrhein" heating network; the potential of the project has not yet been exhausted.


Ansprechperson Beitrag

Norbert Gächter

Managing Director


Unter dem neugestalteten Veloweg fliesst das erwärmte Seewasser ins benachbarte Wohnquartier.

The connection to the “Anergienetz Altenrhein” during construction work in summer 2022

“For this project, all those involved had to break new ground and thus take a certain risk. Now it has turned into a win-win situation,” says Beat Bosshart, councillor of the village community of Thal, Altenrhein and Staad.

Blick in den geschlossenen Wasserkreislauf des Anergienetzes im UG der BWB-Altenrhein AG

An anergy network is a network of pipelines for the transport of heat at a low temperature level. Smaller temperature differences can thus already be used sustainably.

“Utilizing the waste heat from our production processes makes a lot of sense in the current climate debate,” says Norbert Gächter, Managing Director of BWB-Altenrhein AG.

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