1672 panels produce solar power for BWB-Altenrhein AG

On the two roofs of the production halls of BWB Surface Technology in Altenrhein, 1672 photovoltaic modules with a surface area of 3341 m2 were installed during five weeks this summer. The new solar plant has a maximum total output of 710.6 kilowatts.


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Raffael Bollag

Bereichsleiter Technik & Qualität


Approximately 94 percent of the solar power generated flows directly into the anodising operation. The surplus is fed back into the local power grid of the St.Gallisch-Appenzellische Kraftwerke (SAK). An extrapolation estimates the annual production of the photovoltaic system at around 678 megawatt hours: This generated energy could, for example, fully charge 7529 Tesla vehicles or supply 169 households.

The next project, the replacement building for logistics, also relies on solar energy. The roof with around 3000 square meters of usable space will also be equipped with photovoltaics. The additional solar power generated here also flows directly into the company grid.

The BWB site on Lake Constance is constantly investing in sustainable energy generation: the anodising plant uses its process waste heat for the "Altenrhein anergy network" and thus helps to efficiently heat the neighbouring residential quarter. This fall, the Altenrhein school building will also be connected to the network, and a third stage is being planned for the connection of the next neighborhood. BWB-Altenrhein now also has a pool vehicle with an electric drive. It is the fifth e-vehicle within BWB Surface Technology.

In order to achieve the ambitious targets for a balanced greenhouse gas balance, coordinated packages of measures are needed for all industrial operations. In addition to the activities of BWB-Altenrhein AG, the BWB site in Stans-Oberdorf will also install a photovoltaic system from October 2023. Over the next five years, further major investments are planned to improve the energy balance.

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