Color Collection 02

BWB's anodised surfaces protect aluminium against weathering for decades, making it a resistant material for facades and windows. With unique coating processes, which BWB continuously perfects in persistent development work, the highest color fastness and weather resistance can be guaranteed.

Powerfully elegant

Aluminium surfaces as concept-defining elements of current building culture: With the Color Collection 02, building envelopes outside the common standard can be realized. The four shades from the Colinal®, Permabronze and Sandalor® ranges create powerfully elegant architectures that underline the possibilities of innovative facade design.

Warm reflection

BWB's exclusive coloring processes don't scratch the surface - they change in depth. For this purpose, coloring metal salts are deeply integrated into the aluminium surface in multi-stage immersion processes. Thus, colors and surface remain protected from external weathering. Be it the warm earth tones of the Colinal® processes or the noble bronze nuances of BWB - anodised surfaces remain intact and effective for decades.

Sample order

We will be happy to send you the Color Collection 02 sample box with four fresh, attractive shades.

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