Color Collection 01

BWB's anodised surfaces protect aluminium against weathering for decades, making it a resistant material for facades and windows. With unique coating processes, which BWB continuously perfects in persistent development work, the highest color fastness and weather resistance can be guaranteed.

Sustainable beautiful

Whether classic in nature, in expressive green or in timeless anthracite tones: With the Color Collection 01, BWB has expanded the existing perma-processes to include the four new, exciting shades of the Permagrey line. In this way, a multifaceted architecture with exciting effects can be designed, which preserves the natural aluminium character.


BWB's perma-processes don't scratch the surface - they change in depth. The refined immersion processes give the base material aluminium lasting protection. A controlled electrochemical oxidation process takes place in which the alloying elements of the base material are firmly incorporated into the surfaces. With a layer thickness of 20 - 25 µm, the resulting surfaces defy even the strongest weathering influences. The coating processes are suitable for any G77Ac sheet shapes and formats. Even large formats up to 6.5 meters can be realised. This opens up an almost unlimited range of possible applications - in facade design or in interior design.

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