Musée d'ethnographie de Genève - MEG

Object: Musée d'ethnographie de Genève - MEG, Boulevard Carl-Vogt 65-67, 1205 Geneva
Client: City of Geneva, Department of Buildings and Urban Planning
Architecture: Graber Pulver Architekten AG, Zurich / Bern
Facade planning: Mebatech Ingenieurbüro für Metallbautechnik AG, Baden
Facade construction: Sottas SA, Bulle
Completion: 2014
Images: MEG, B. Glauser

BWB finish: stain - in matt effect E6
BWB procedure: BWB-Colinal 3115

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The Musée d’ethnographie in Geneva, or MEG for short, attracts not only art lovers but also photographers and tourists from all over the world. Towering and dramatically peaked, the geometric design with cantilevered metal canopy adds charm and uniqueness to the MEG building. The bronze anodised surface protects the facade elements from corrosion, and also preserves the metal structure of the aluminium.

Renaming of the MEG in dialogue

Currently, the museum management is openly asking for a renaming of the MEG, and the people of Geneva are joining in the discussion: The term ethnographic museum is too strongly associated with looted goods of colonization, the mere "description of peoples" and the exhibition of "exotic" objects does not do justice to the institution. Other voices think that the museum is in line with the multiethnic character of the city of Geneva and has always been respectful of cultural collections and their origins.

In Geneva, everyone agrees that the MEG is an integral part of the city and its image. Its multifaceted architecture cleverly references cultural diversity. Towering and pointed, the geometric design gives the building a special charm and uniqueness. The shape of the roof with overhanging metal canopy is reminiscent of a traditional longhouse. The diamond-shaped braided aluminium façade adds further cross-cultural touches to the MEG. A visit to the library on the second floor is worthwhile and shows double lozenges in elegant color pattern play, as windows and as light incidence.

The architecture of the museum remains worth seeing and the dialogue on renaming remains active.
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