Lokstadt Elefant (construction site 2)

Object: Lokstadt Elefant (construction site 2), Winterthur
Client: Implenia Immobilien AG
Architecture: Weberbrunner Architekten AG, Zurich
Facade planning: PBF Fassadentechnik AG, Abtwil
Facade construction: Krapf AG, Engelburg
Completion: 2022
Images: weberbrunner architekten ag

BWB finish: stain - in matt effect E6
BWB proceedings: Permalux

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Crocodiles and elephants: Named after the iconic locomotive

The Lokstadt Winterthur project is a significant construction project that is being realized on the site of a former locomotive factory and plays an important role in the urban development of Winterthur. Within this framework, the Elephant and Crocodile buildings occupy a central position.

Mock-up für die Fassade des Elefanten, Bild: weberbrunner architekten ag

The Lokstadt Winterthur project focuses not only on modern architecture and appealing design, but also on sustainability and resource efficiency. This was already clear at the laying of the foundation stone for the Elefant building site, as the office building is designed purely as a timber construction and thus saves gray energy, is CO2-friendly and highly efficient in terms of consumption and costs. On this occasion, Adrian Wyss, Head Division Real Estate at Implenia, emphasized that every laying of the foundation stone in Lokstadt is also a step towards the 2000-watt society.

The “Elephant” office building, named after the iconic locomotive, continues the line of historic factory buildings. Its affiliation with industrial buildings is evident in its scale and in the direct, serial design of the longitudinal facades. The reference to the factory halls is also reflected in the materials of the facade. Light-colored bricks create a strong vertical grid, while anodised aluminium windows echo the timeless aesthetic of industrial steel windows.

The Elefant office building was handed over to anchor tenant SWICA in January. It is a sustainable wooden building and a significant landmark for the urban development of Winterthur. And Lokstadt is continuing to grow: the Rocket and Tigerli buildings are scheduled to be built by 2026, with other exciting projects to follow on the site. Lokstadt Winterthur thus impressively demonstrates how modern construction and urban development can be successfully combined.

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