Commercial building Helix Cham

Object: Commercial building Helix, Alte Steinhauserstrasse, 6330 Cham
Client: Alfred Müller AG Generalunternehmung, Baar
Architecture: Axess Architekten AG, Zug
Facade designer: Feroplan Engineering AG, Zurich
Window and facade construction: Ernst Schweizer AG, Hedingen
Completion: 2019
Pictures: Ernst Schweizer AG, Hedingen

BWB finish: pickling - E6
BWB process: Natural tone (colorless) EV1

#Architecture #Central Switzerland #Natural clay 

The Helix commercial building consists of four five-story office buildings grouped together. In pairs, they are connected with passerelles and offer further meeting zones with a harmoniously designed inner courtyard, sun terraces and roof terraces. In addition to the horizontally clad ceiling made of colorless anodised aluminium, the outer shell is characterized by floor-to-ceiling windows with pilaster strips staggered floor by floor. The imposing “Helix Quartet” within walking distance of Lake Zug appears sleek and urban with clean lines and a reduced design. Cladding, perforated sheets and butt profiles made of aluminium were anodized at BWB Surface Technology in the Qualanod quality standard.

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