Basel fair

Object: Exhibition Center, Messeplatz 10, 4005 Basel
Client: MCH Messe Schweiz AG, Basel
Architecture: Herzog & de Meuron, Basel
Facade planning: feroplan engineering AG, Chur
Completion: 2012
Pictures: Peter Ruggle

BWB finish: stain - in matt effect E6
BWB process: Natural tone (colorless) EV1

#Architecture #Natural clay #Northwestern Switzerland 

Whether City Lounge or window to the sky, the atrium of Messe Basel has become a landmark in the city center. The colourless anodised wave-shaped aluminium shell surrounds the entire building and lends the necessary lightness to the approximately 40 thousand m2 trade fair complex. The round opening in the middle of the city center lives and is experienced: as a bustling streetcar station with multifunctional event halls behind it, as a porthole into the great outdoors in any weather, or as an event space crowned with a woven aluminium wreath. The atrium remains a source of inspiration, tempting to take pictures. Be it when an airplane crosses the defined section of the sky or when snowflakes penetrate the round opening.

It was difficult to build a very large building in a small-scale urban neighborhood. A piece of the world, globalized economic trading power, visibly penetrates into the middle of local Basel life. - Jacques Herzog

The three-story extension replaced two outdated halls. The redesign offers modern, flexible and versatile exhibition space. The two upper exhibition levels are placed as separate cuboids offset from each other. The architecture of Messe Basel offers a new perception from every angle, supporting the flow of the building structure.

To the technical report: architektur heute

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